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Is an ART program right for you?

Ask yourself these five simple questions:

  • Do you consider your insurance provider your risk management partner?
  • Does your insurance agent understand your business?
  • Does your insurance agent provide professional advice, and not just a policy?
  • Does your insurance agency take care of your day-to-day needs?
  • Does your insurance agency provide a quality service team?

If you answered “NO” to three or more of the above questions and currently pay more than $250,000 in annual Property & Casualty insurance premium, an ART program may be right for you.


A captive insurance company is one that is owned by the company or companies that it insures. Captives have been around for a long time.– Lloyds of London, Liberty Mutual and the Factory Mutual System all started as “captives” although the term didn't yet exist. They are particularly useful for group programs because they let the group assume and fund for far more risk than any individual company could manage on its own. They may also allow the group to take advantage of insurance tax rules that individual members cannot use. Some AIMS programs use captives, some do not, so their effectiveness depends on the unique circumstances of each program.

Additional advantages of a captive may be:

  • Significantly enhanced insured control of the overall program
  • Lower risk transfer cost
  • Increased ability to assume risk/lower annual cost volatility
  • Superior claim management
  • Broader, more flexible coverage
  • Direct access to specialty reinsurers
  • Advantageous tax treatment

Determining whether a captive is appropriate and then setting up and managing it are complex processes. AIMS provides all of the capabilities and services needed to establish and maintain a captive and a captive-based program:

  • Feasibility analysis/market research
  • Coverage/policy design
  • Structure and licensing
  • Selection of appropriate insurance company partners
  • Selection of third party claim administrators
  • Claim management oversight
  • Loss prevention services
  • Program marketing and management
  • Individual insured underwriting and pricing
  • Ongoing management, including Statutory and GAAP accounting

AIMS works closely with professional services providers such as corporate counsel, consulting actuaries, claims attorneys and auditors to assure that programs run smoothly, efficiently and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

  • To guide our clients through the ART evaluation process
  • To design the program with our client from start to finish
  • To identify, evaluate and recommend appropriate providers of each program component
  • To implement and oversee the ongoing management of the program
  • To provide ongoing evaluation of the program’s effectiveness
  • To fine tune the program as needed over time

What is AIMS' Role?


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