We founded AIMS in 2003 to bring Alternative Risk Transfer [ART] solutions to mid-sized companies THROUGHOUT THE NATION.

AIMS stands for “Alternative Insurance Management Strategies”. Although we offer a complete selection of traditional insurance consulting, brokerage and risk management services, our expertise is designing, creating and developing these strategies to reduce the total cost of risk for our clients. Then we craft and manage these ART insurance programs for individuals, companies, trade associations and groups of mid-sized companies to deliver the intended results.

Most companies and people simply buy insurance to protect their assets. However, sometimes insurance is not the most cost effective way to transfer the risks to protect those assets. This is when ART can be the right solution.

ART programs replace traditional insurance programs – typically bundled by a commercial insurer – that provides all coverages and risk services in a single package. ART programs are typically unbundled, often with unrelated companies providing coverage and various services, that can be individually designed and marketed to fulfill more specific objectives.




  • Stabilize and minimize your long-term cost of risk
  • Create programs that will stand the test of time
  • Maximize control and minimize dependency on commercial insurance and bundled services
  • Broaden your insurance coverage
  • Provide support services specifically designed for your business
  • Often, additional opportunities are made possible through ART, some can even make money!
  • Take advantage of legitimate tax incentives typically reserved for licensed insurance companies